St Edward's Eagles soccer teams

Junior and Senior St. Edward's Eagles Soccer Teams earn the title of IRONLADIES and IRONMEN!  

What is an Ironman? By definition, it is someone of great physical strength and ability to continue doing something difficult for a long time.  Our players on Tuesday and Wednesday this week had more playing time than any other player from all schools in attendance. With all rival teams having 3 to 4 full lines (so double the subs), average player played 3-5 minutes each game; but our Ironladies and Ironmen played the full game with no subs!... that’s 15 minutes straight for Juniors and 25 minutes straight for Seniors.  

Our Junior Ironladies even played down a player with only 6 on the field.  They never quit, having 1 win, 2 ties, and 1 loss.  Our Junior Ironmen lost the first two games and finished the day with two hard-played ties.  Our Senior Ironmen warmed up the day with a loss to the champion team following by a closer match-up loss where we had some great chances at the net but came out with a 0-3 loss, and then finished strong with a 4-0 win, where we had two penalty shot goals by Noah (firing it in top right corner) and Kaiden (hard ground shot in left corner) and Ty and Milo fighting through pressure to score two other great shots.   

It was a terrific experience, and you should all be extremely proud of never backing down even when you were physically spent… I know I am.  Thank you to all staff who rearranged schedules this week so our players could take part in soccer. A BIG shutout to our volunteer drivers (a.k.a Assistant Coaches), Grandpa Steve, Mrs. Monica Richardson and Mrs. Chrissy Heisse; without these generous people we would not have had the pleasure to earn this Ironladies and Ironmen titles!  

Coach VanderByl